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About CCG

Humans are social creatures, and our greatest achievements have been collaborative efforts, often vast ones – especially in the realm of knowledge and the mind.

While Free / Libre or Open Source Software (FLOSS) is the most widely publicised form of open, collaborative creativity in recent years, and certainly the most studied, such forms of collaboration are neither new nor limited to software.

From Wikipedia and open courseware to the Human Genome Project, from the Grey Album to Web 2.0 “mashups”, many of today’s most innovative developments in industry, science and culture are based on open collaborative creativity.

Since the original FLOSS project in 2001, UNU-MERIT has established itself as a pioneer in researching the socio-economic, legal and technical aspects of FLOSS. These research activities have been previously visible through different projects and websites, and we are bringing them together as the Collaborative Creativity Group to emphasise the broader nature of our interests and activities.

Mission statement

The Collaborative Creativity Group at UNU-MERIT investigates the socio-economics of collaboration across all domains.

  • We examine the mechanisms that enable people and companies to innovate together.
  • We look into ways of paying for public knowledge goods, whether they are scientific and technological inventions, basic research or cultural developments
  • We help policymakers to create a positive environment for creativity and innovation, promoting economic growth and social welfare.
  • We advise industry and others on how to encourage collaborative creativity and make the best of the human impulse to work together.

The Collaborative Creativity Project invites you to get in touch with us and share your ideas for research. Let’s work together!

Current research areas

  • eA2K: The economics of Access to Knowledge
  • FLOSS: Free/Libre/Open Source Software
  • Open Standards
  • Funding public knowledge goods
  • open courseware, open content, Creative Commons works and Wikipedia – See also: www.openedworld.net

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